Shooting in London’s Hackney Leaves a Woman Dead

Two other people were shot and injured in the shooting, a rarity in Britain. They were taken to a hospital and their status was not immediately clear. Source link

U.S. Air Force Says Osprey Crash Off Japan Left No Survivors

All eight airmen aboard the craft that went down during a Nov. 29 training exercise are believed to have been killed, the Air Force said. Source link

Wednesday Briefing – The New York Times

‘Horrific accounts of unimaginable cruelty’ President Biden condemned the “unimaginable cruelty” of Hamas attackers who raped and mutilated women in Israel on Oct. 7, and he blamed the terrorist group’s…

Arab Citizens of Israel Released in Deals With Hamas Fear a Backlash

About one-fifth of Israelis are Arabs whose families were living in what would become Israel before the state was founded in 1948. Unlike the Palestinian refugees who ended up in…

Israel-Hamas War Intensifies in Southern Gaza; Civilians Say No Place Is Safe

Matthew Miller, a State Department spokesman, said on Monday that while it was too early to make definitive assessments, the United States saw signs that Israel was making changes to…

Israeli Doctors Help Child Hostages Return Home

One child was told that no one was looking for her and that Israel was gone. Source link

Alberto Fujimori Is Ordered Released From Prison in Peru

Peru’s top court on Tuesday ordered former President Alberto Fujimori released from prison, where he is serving a 25-year sentence for human rights violations, defying an order by an international…

Seoul Takes ‘Center Stage’ in the Art World

The South Korean capital recently has seen an explosion of galleries and sales, and hosted the newest iteration of Frieze. Source link

House Declares Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism, Dividing Democrats

House Democrats splintered on Tuesday over a resolution condemning the rise of antisemitism in the United States and around the world, with more than half of them declining to support…

Wednesday Briefing: Israel Entered Southern Gaza’s Largest City

Israeli forces enter southern Gaza’s largest city Israeli troops were fighting in the heart of Khan Younis, southern Gaza’s largest city, a military commander said yesterday, describing some of the…